Friday, July 1, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 107.

Yay, it's Friday! I've just finished some very tasty vegemite and cheese crackers and thought I'd share with you how much vegemite I like.


How much vegemite do you like? And what are your thoughts on white jeans? Trashy? Old School? Stylish? I'm a bit undecided but thought I'd give these country road pearlers a chance since they are a good fit and were snatched up for about $4 at Vinnies months ago.




DSC03361Wearing: jeans - country road, blazer - Susie Gallagher Design (both thrifted), top - Supre, boots - Kmart, accessories - various

Here is me with my trusty daily photographer ... really appreciate your efforts each and every day Miss Leah! Go on, I dare you to leave a comment today!

Sorry friend, I look better in photo 2 and you look better in photo 1 so I had to put in both!

P1050878 P1050877

Going to try and document my weekend using the trusty Instagram app on my iphone : )

Enjoy party people!

Over and Out



Angela said...

I have a thing for vegemite at the moment... I put it on so thick it makes people cringe. I am craving it bad now actually!

29 Skirts said...

Cute striped blazer! I like it with the pearls. I've never tried Vegemite. My sister who's living in Australia hates it, but I have a friend here in the U.S. who has never been to Australia and loves Vegemite. I don't know where she buys it.

christie said...

I must be one of the only two (mum being the second person) who dislike vegimite with a passion!!!!!

White jeans are hot! xx