Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Work Oufit Challenge - Day 100.

Well, day 100! It's been mostly easy ... and I've really liked some of the outfits thus far and also despised some of my choices. But there is still more than half the year to go so let's see what the rest of the year has in store for me!

Today I'd like to have a whinge. A whinge about EOFYS. How do I notify all of the stores I'm subscribed to to STOP sending me amazing end of financial year sale deals and tell my brain to delete or dispose of all said deals as soon as they reach my inbox, phone or letterbox. The reason why I should be on a spending ban is because I have two money goals at the moment.

1) the wedding ... now 136 days away

2) saving about $1000 to send myself to training to become a Pump Instructor. I may never look like this but will surely get fitter and have something else to keep me interested (and earn some extra spending money)


I'm off to Brisbane this weekend to find a dress for Bridesmaid Jess and hopefully I can resist all temptations to buy stuff for myself. Or maybe just resist most temptations.

The inspiration for today's outfit came from the beautiful, adorable and uniquely stylish Coury from Fancy Treehouse.


I just love the colour and waist tie of the skirt, the bow and lace detail of the top and the contrasting pink clutch. And now that I've seen my outfit in images it looks nothing like this! This was one of those items you see at the op shop and you're not entirely sure you like it but you're not sure you should leave it behind. Mum and I were puzzled as to how you would even wash it ... i guess you'd called it suede but it really just feels like I'm wearing a cow ... minus all the hair and stuff.

p 879

p 875

Anyway, thanks must go to Danielle for her encouragement in making me believe I could pull off knee high socks ... it takes me back to good old high school when we progressed from wearing black knee highs to white 'bus driver' type socks and finally seeing the light and wearing tights. But I don't know ... I think I may like the look - and might even have to get some over the knee ones.

 p 880 p 876
p 870 p 873

A big thanks most go to all of you readers out there, old and new (welcome new followers!) for putting up with the first 100 days of my challenge and what not!

Over and Out


p.s. - just by 'checking in' to my gym last night I won a free P.T. session! Cool but I'm in for a world of pain. You think you're fit and then you do a PT session. Wish me luck!


kalgm4 said...

I love, love, love this skirt and this outfit.... a winner I think :o)

danielle said...

Pulling it off!! Love it :)