Monday, June 20, 2011

Op Shop Finds - June Edition

When you're out treasure hunting are you ever drawn to things familiar to you? The answer must be yes for me since I picked up this teapot very much like mum and dad's old faithful. I've already tested it out and it's SUPER. Now I just need a cute owl teapot cover.


I also snapped up this wrought iron figure for $5 at a garage sale, some Italian leather loafers for $1.50 from Vinnies, and two English Grindley bowls for the wedding for $1.50.



Pop on over to Sophie's to see what other treasures have been found this week.



christie said...

I cannot belive you scored that iron frame for only $5!! BARGAIN LOVE IT! xx

Esther is not-quite-perfect said...

What a find for $5!!!!!
Show us what you plan on displaying on it!!

Van said...

Love the dress frame the the gorgeous bright teapot. The iron frame is a beauty and a rare find, too!