Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 80.

Went down to Kmart yesterday afternoon and nearly bought a pair of wedge booties but changed my mind. Got home and decided that I needed to have them so might go get them this afternoon because hooray it's pay day! I have been thinking about getting a pair for a while and had my eye on some ones in Myer but I just cannot justify like $150 given we are needing to save like fifteen grand for the big day in November. So although the ones in K-fart are synthetic (and I'm usually a synthetic snob), I figure the $29 outlay will be worth it.

Oh, and can I just say I am super impressed with asos's customer service. The tobacco tights I wore to the Stanthorpe races were left with a small hole in them after only one wash. I contacted asos and within an hour a new pair were on their way to me. More reasons to continue my love affair with asos. Actually on that topic, another asos package should be arriving soon with these goodies. Now I just need to figure out how to do my hair like that so I can use the headband like that - so cute!

Experimented with a bit of colour today. Not quite colour blocking but I'm taking baby steps.

p 801

p 799  p 788Wearing: skirt - temt, belt - Cousinett, shoes - Country Road (thrifted), top - Tokito, jacket - Zara (thrifted)

Over and Out


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Ness said...

I like the mix of colour.. and that skirt.. <3... next time you vist I will give you a lesson on how to get you hair like (similar) to that!