Monday, February 21, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 30.

Day 30 and still going strong. How are we all feeling this Monday? I am absolutely exhausted after a very full on weekend.

As you might have read, Saturday was our engagement party and we had our e-shoot (engagement shoot) on Sunday. The party on Saturday was everything we hoped for. The day started out miserably with misty rain blowing in from every which direction. It cleared by about 10am to a BEAUTIFUL sunny day. The trees in the park offered plenty of shade and kept everyone cool. We had cricket, ten pin bowling, quoits, lots of beer and wine and a yummy BBQ. What a great day! My camera had run out of battery and I was too busy to be taking photos anyway so hopefully friends and family got some good snaps which I can share.

The photo below is courtesy of my mother-in-law-to-be and is of the best friends a girl could ask for!DSCN1184Sunday was quite possibly the hottest day of the year so far - I think it reached 37 degrees! Not great when you're trying to look all glamourous for some of the most important photos of your life! There was some sweat-age action happening but apparently you can't notice it in the photos. You'll have to wait a while to see the outcome of the photo shoot but it should be worth it. Overall, it was a fun process but also very exhausting! We were shooting for around 4 hours but I had my hair and makeup done at 10am (like 5 hours before the shoot!) so the day was very long. The only good thing about the extreme weather was sweating all the alcohol I'd drunk the day before out. I sweated out my hangover and replaced it with exhaustion. Thank you Darren, Loren and Erin for your creativity and patience in yesterday's shoot.

On to today's outfit. I wore this last night for a quick meal to the pub and being the zombie that I am today thought it would be super easy to wear it again. I blogged about this vintage Howard Showers dress I got at the Salvos a while ago. It's great. Very 50s style and fun polka dot print. I am also wearing my new Ray Bays. Bloody offers ... OPSM were advertising a deal - $100 off glasses. My ORIGINAL plan was to get a pair of tortoiseshell prescription sunnies. But then I saw these glasses and thought I might get those instead. THEN, the sales chick told me I could get a second pair for 50% off. HOW could I resist that? So I ended up with sunnies AND glasses.

My only issue with OPSM was the cost of their lenses. The family optometrist I used to visit charged $80 for lenses. Unfortunately they have now closed. What a rude shock it was when I found out OPSM lenses are somthing like $200. BIG DIFFERENCE.

Maybe that ad is right - 'should have gone to Specsavers'

p 240p 239p 227p 230

p 233p 237 p 238Wearing: dress - Howard Showers vintage via Salvos ($5.00), sandals @ Vinnies, Accessories - Diva, glasses - Ray Ban @ OPSM

Any outfit ideas? Keep em coming peoples!

Over and Out


op shop finds to be showcased tomorrow!


nais said...

love both pairs of glasses. have contemplated a tortoiseshell pair myself. love ur taste girl.

KJH said...

What about a Middle Eastern theme?