Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Twenty Eleven Outfit Work Challenge - Day 11.

at i Today's challenge comes from a super cool workmate of mine. She suggested I try a soft rock look. I am acting manager of a team of people at the moment so had to check my meeting schedule before accepting the challenge but didn't have anything too important today so took up the challenge.DSC02538DSC02534DSC02542
Wearing: Wish top - Trade Secret, black Volcom skinnies, Siren flats - Myer, Guess watch - China, Ray Bans, dice earrings - op shop, black lace scarf/headband - Vinnies.
Carrying: Thomas Wylde knock off skull bag - China
I've got some other challenges pending but still welcome as many as you can think of and I'll get to them.
Loving all the comments and blog views!
Over and Out

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christie said...

soft rock look = success!