Monday, January 17, 2011

At Op Shops it pays to ask

I was never much of an 'asker' at op shops until recently. Mr fiancé and I are booked in for a 50s style engagement shoot with the fantastically talented Darren at CKMetro photos. Go check out his work here -

As you would probably have guessed I am constantly doing the rounds of the local op shops but had not yet come across any braces/suspenders for the man. When I was up at the counter at Lifeline the other day I thought I may as well ask ... and what do you know? They actually have a little container of braces, bow ties and cummerbunds under the counter! WIN!

Lesson learnt: Don't be afraid to ask!


1 comment:

Darren From said...

Pleased that you got them can not wait for the shoot !! - Thanks for the blog love :)