Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Twenty Eleven Outfit Work Challenge - Day 1.

Late last year I was challenged by one of my co-workers to wear a different outfit each day to work. I happily took up the challenge since I'm constantly adding to and changing my wardrobe. I'll be continuing to do travel, fashion, op shop and food posts but will be attempting to do an outfit post every day.
Keep in mind that I work as a business/systems analyst at a University and rarely have face-to-face contact with people outside of our team so often I rock quite a casual look. Would love to hear any comments as always!P1040269
French Kitty (Myer) low back dress, Valleygirl belt, Tony Bianco heels, Diva pearl bracelet and Fun Accessories skull earrings.
Stella McCartney for Target Tote Bag - $19 down from $99!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year break. Can't wait for more exciting things to blog about in twenty eleven.
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