Monday, November 15, 2010

Nha Trang

Our next stop after visiting Dalat was to head east to the coastal town of Nha Trang. Oh how nice it was to arrive here. I'll steal the description from our tour itinerary to describe this beautiful town.

With fabulous sunny weather for most of the year, clear blue water surrounding a string of offshore islands, and a beach that spans the whole length of the city, its little wonder that Nha Trang has become Vietnam’s premier beach resort

We arrived around lunchtime, settled into our hotel and then headed down to the beach. We hired some sun lounges and lazed about in the sun for a couple of hours all whilst being constantly harassed to buy fruit, postcards or have all sorts of beauty treatments right there on the beach. Later on I actually ventured back to get my legs threaded on some advice from a fellow tour group member, Kate. She made it sound like a walk in the park but NO, it was not. I was twitching and squirming the whole way through it! The only good thing is that we had a beer to get us through the torture. After that Pat and I decided to go for a bit of a walk and, surprise, surprise ... we ended up at a bar ... And then it started to rain. It rained A LOT. So much so we were caught in a flash flood. It was awesome and I am so bummed that I didn't have my camera with me to take photos. So we sat there as the only two people in that bar and shared a couple of fruit cocktail buckets for a measly figure of about $4 ... mmm. That night our tour leader had arranged dinner at a local restaurant and we were to meet in the hotel lobby at 6pm. The boy and I pondered whether we should just ring the hotel and tell them we couldn't make it but eventually decided to adventure out into the knee deep water back to our hotel about 200 metres from where we were. We were laughing the whole way back and I can honestly say that was one of the best parts of the holiday. We joined our group, soaking wet and enjoyed dinner at a local 'grill your own BBQ' restaurant.

The following day was what our tour leader Minh kept describing as a swimming trip and a swimming trip it was! We headed out from the port at Nha Trang past gorgeous floating villages and then anchored at a spot for most of the day.

I never realised how much of a scaredy cat I was until it came to jumping off a boat ... I'm not really scared of heights - just scared of jumping.

The day was awesome ... the boy and I neglected to put on enough sunscreen and were totally roasted by the end of the day. Possibly the weirdest thing about the day was all of our group spent many hours trying to get back onto the boat by way of two tyres tied to the side. It took a long time before any of the girls mastered it but much to my disgust (sorry Holly I'm just jealous) Holly made it up ... the photos just don't do this challenge justice.

totally not glamourous shot of me showing how hard it was to get up!

We had an awesome day and then headed back to have dinner at a restaurant called 'Good Morning Vietnam'. The boy and I were suffering majorly from sun stroke and he give me the evil eyes when I still ordered a Tiger beer. Oh well, why not. Needless to say, he was right and I should have drunk water.

more to come about Nha Trang in my next post --- yep I loved it!

Over and Out XOXO

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Thrifted Treasure said...

Sounds fab, very jealous, we used to travel a lot, when the kids are bigger we will again, sigh...