Friday, November 19, 2010

Nha Trang take 2

After getting roasted the previous day our group all decided to head to the mud baths at Nha Trang to replenish ourselves. It was quite an odd, but nice feeling ... except when it went it your mouth.

p 173

The worst part though was going through a high pressure 'gauntlet' of water to wash off all of the mud - OUCHY!

p 185

Later that night we were boarding an overnight sleeper train to Danang so we decided to get a bit 'tiddly' to ease the pain of 12 hours on a not-so-high-class train. We visited a couple of places with the group including the bar where we got stuck in the flash flood and the oh-so-la-de-da sailing club.

I think the other members in our tour group thought we were a bit bogan-ish because the boy and I got excited that they were playing Bathurst on the big screen with only a couple of hours delay but hey, we enjoyed it. I also enjoyed THE best burger of our trip here ... a scrumptious lamb burger ... I mean, I know you aren't probably going to get the best quality burgers in Asia but sometimes you can't help what you crave and if you try enough, surely you'll get one that is half decent!

p 212 
 p 200
  p 215
I think most of us achieved our goal by the time we boarded the train (see pissy pics above) and I think it was a good idea.  The train ride was bearable but by the time the train had reached our destination I was really unsure whether I'd managed to get any sleep at all. Even worse that that was that I was feeling the effects of a decent cold which had developed overnight combined with a not-so-nice hangover.

p 217
Cruiser anyone? Check out the decor ...

Oh how much fun the next day was ... to be continued in my next post about Hoi An!

Over and Out XOXO

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