Monday, July 19, 2010

Vintage Dresses

I have been picking more and more cute vintage dresses up but am not able to wear them straight away cos they are all such an awkward length. So grandma has been kept busy with hemming them up to a more suitable length. I’ve been thinking I should learn to sew myself but then I looked at the price of sewing machines and was quickly put off – maybe one day!

Here is one that grandma has recently finished (my hair was being gay yesterday)

P1020213 P1020212

and one that I picked up garage sale-ing with mum on Saturday. My aunty up from Brisbane said I looked like I was about to go milk the cows.

This is me ummm pretending to milk a cow – quite clearly I have never done this so am not quite sure what I look like I’m doing in this photo.


And finally me modelling the dress pre-makeover.


Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Over and Out XOXO


Erica Louise said...

Awesome, great dresses!! Your Grandma is so good doing all your hemming, lucky you. Nice 'milking the cow' moves ;)

Erica Louise said...

Hey I've sent you a blog challenge:

Hope to hear your positives :)


heart+bleecker (previously daydreaminblue) said...

i'm always hopeless at shopping for vintage clothes...i never find anything good! lucky you being able to find some awesome stuff!