Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vinnies rarely disappoints

Popped down to Vinnies in my lunch break yesterday and picked up some lovely items.

a gorgeous mustard coloured Sportsgirl clutch for 50c


A Lorna Jane black lightweight hoodie for $4 – my buy of the day!


Some cute sandals to wear with maxis for 50c


a Marco Polo cardi/wrap thing for $4 … not sure whether to keep this or not as it’s a size M and a little bit big but totally comfy and a pair of excellent quality black pants for mum for $2.

I also picked these up. I thought they looked cute and rustic but who knows what I’m going to do with them. Oh well, it was only $1.00 for the pair.


Last week I picked up this super cute lili shirt from my fave Lifeline. It was $4. It’s a bit preppy and a bit country and I love it.


And if you were wondering, I did get sucked in by the Diva Sale. These are some of the items I got.  P1010450



The boy is out of town this week so I made a lasagne to last me all week. I think it turned out pretty damn good!


and lastly, i couldn’t resist taking a photo of my baby boy Rocky sound asleep. Isn’t he cute?


Heading to the Capalaba Swap Meet this Sunday with the parentals. We are leaving at 4am so here’s hoping I get some cool stuff.

Go the Maroons!!!

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Erica Lou said...

Wow your local Vinnies is great value! I love the Australian animals things, maybe you could stitch them onto a bag or denim jacket or something?!