Friday, May 28, 2010

Too many visits

Maybe I’m reading too many blogs of fellow crazy op-shop fans. Seriously, every lunch break where I’m not at the gym I feel the urge to pop out to an op shop. I’ve totally neglected my former regular lunch pals and feel terrible but after seeing what other people find around the place I’m convinced there has to be something down at Vinnies or Lifeline with my name on it. There are really only 3 shops within a reasonable driving distance which I can visit in my lunch break and I’ve already visited all three this week. I am still thinking though that I will go back to Vinnies today after the great haul I got earlier in the week plus i HATE going there on Saturdays. During the week you mostly get your regular, polite people searching for a bargain and actually respecting the place. On a Saturday there are people laughing as soon as they walk in cos all they are looking for is a fancy dress costume and they wouldn’t fathom that you can actually get amazing quality stuff for a fraction of the price of a retail store. There are also the people that have newly been introduced to op-shopping and think they might just give it a try and I am in two minds about these people. I kind of think, good on them for checking it out but I am also a bit jealous because they have the potential to find and buy the stuff I am supposed to find and buy!  I also can’t stand people who have no respect for personal space. Dude, if I’m looking at a rack DO NOT try and play hands-ies with me!!!!

On another note I had thought that I’d skip garage sales tomorrow as the boy has been out of town all week and we are heading to a swap meet in Brisbane on Sunday. However, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to check out the early advertised sales on the net. And what do I see ….

3222007AA Car boot sales come in second place behind Church sales so definitely warrant a visit. The last one I attended I was so bummed cos I missed out on the most awesome Malvern Star blue retro bike. It was only $15. I blame my dad for stopping at another garage sale on the way to the car boot sale. Boo.


And since I will be going to this, I might have to go to this one:

GREAT Big Sale!! 15 Memory St, Sat & Sun 8am-4pm for The Shed Project: furniture, rocking horse, quality clothing, bedding, electrical, toys, bikes, books, videos, Star Wars collectables & more!!

Cannot resist quality clothing although what I perceive as quality clothing and what others perceive as quality clothing sometimes leaves a bit to be desired.

Anyway, hopefully I can report back on Monday all the amazing stuff I’ve found over the last couple of days.

Looking forward to after work drinks this afternoon!

Over and Out XOXO


Erica Louise said...

I honestly think we can get an addiction to op shopping! Its so easily done. I too visit an op shop every second day - because I dont want to MISS OUT on any bargains!!

See if you can sneak a quick visit to the car boot sale, looks good ;)

Little Ted Canvas said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I agree opshops, garage sales, carboot, you name it - treasure havens!! It's my favourite pass time, I hope you get som e great treasures this weekend...

Modesty is Pretty said...

I really like your blog and those pictures with the delicious food above made my mouth drool! I feel the same about thrift /op shops as you call them, you know the most irritating people are the ones that let their children run around wild while they shop and don't pay attention to their mischievous children or the ones that take their teenagers who think they are too good for thrift stores and start making fun of every thing and person they can, but I guess it's all worth it when you find amazing things. Fortunately I don't have a thrift store near my work, or I'd be in deep trouble, there is one but their prices are so high that I could find them for better prices new. I added you to my blog list and will definitely be checking out your great finds! =)