Monday, May 10, 2010

Saturday was my first trip down to the local shopping centre and I must admit it wasn't as hard as I would have thought. We didn't go in to Myer at all which probably helped and there was only two exclamations of 'love, love, love' ...

I totally am loving these tights from Sportsgirl but wondering if I could do them justice ala Blair Waldorf (I wish!!)

The other loved item was a cute little skull scarf in Dotti marked $9.95 with another 50% off the marked price. My friend however killed my excitement by trying to 'diss skulls questioning me why would i like something with a skull on it. Do I have to have a reason?

On other related tight-talk I was in tight-heaven at Target on Saturday when I saw 200 denier tights! I had only ever seen and bought 120D tights (best place to buy - Coles on sale) and seriously considered buying them but remembered my no-retail challenge.

I picked up a few things this week at various op shops - to be posted soon.

A big shout out to the bf - happy 25th birthday honey puff xxx

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