Monday, December 5, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 195.

15 days to go and counting. Pretty much ready to kick in the towel on this whole-year outfit challenge but will stay strong. No more challenges though will be attempted. It will just be whatever I pick out of my closet.

It was my grandma's 80th party on the weekend as well as my work christmas party so here are some snaps. The first couple were taken last week at the social event of the conference I went to last week. The lovely ladette in black sans-glasses is my wonderful daily photographer. She has done a fab job this year and I'll think she'll be quite happy not to have to take photos every morning next year!


Today's outfit is one of those that I, at least thinks looks like a thousand times better in person. As in most photos, I look like a total midge wearing this maxi skirt but actually really like it. It was a bargain at Target yesterday ... reduced from $59 down to about $11. I got some other bargains too. If you're looking for some nice, cheap pieces check out the clearance section and REMEMBER TO SCAN as more often than not, the price on the sticker is not accurate.



P1060272 P1060273    Wearing:
top: brand unknown (op shop)
skirt: target
heels: tony bianco

Till tomorrow, over and out


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Ness said...

The pic of you and G-Ma is gorgeous!