Monday, November 28, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 193 and some honeymoon pics

Uggggh. I'm back at work. How completely suckful. Our trip was AMAZEBALLS ... (is that what kids are saying these days?) and I have some photos to share ... first up from my phone.

p 1150p 1154
p 1158p 1156
p 1157p 1161
p 1159p 1162
p 1167p 1169
p 1168p 1179
p 1176p 1174
p 1177p 1173
p 1180p 1182
p 1185p 1188

Cool huh?! I'll have some more photos to share tomorrow.

As you may know I have been embarking on a challenge this year to not wear the same outfit twice. There are minimal work days left in the year and I'm unsure if I'll get all of the challenges set for me complete. Today is a bit of a cop out but I've taken a letter from the A - Z style guide and chosen:

Y is for Youthful

p 1203

p 1204

p 1210p 1209
no place like home singlet: sass & bide (thrifted - quite appropriate really)
shorts: temt
sandals: payless
sunnies: fakies from phuket

till tomorrow, over and out.



Kat said...

Welcome back! I have been back at work for a week already and it is torture after the fun of the wedding and honeymoon. I am hanging out for my aunty's wedding in 2 weeks cause I will get a long weekend and then I am only back at work 1 more week then have a week off for christmas.

kalgm4 said...

Gorgeous piccies, you are looking bronzed and beautiful upon your return... definitely no fun coming back to work though. :(