Friday, October 14, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 179.

I got the loveliest compliment yesterday from no other than an impeccably dressed cue staff member. She said 'i love what you are wearing' and after that i just had a spring in my step for the rest of the night. I then went to Portmans and got pretty much the same compliment. It was awesome!

I don't know anyone who doesn't love bows so naturally today's outfit is

B is for Bows.

How many bows is too many?

p 1140

 p 1134p 1136

p 1141

p 1143p 1144
pants: volcom
bow top: supre (thrifted)
top underneath: lacoste (thrifted)
cardi: esprit (thrifted)
flats: country road (thrifted)
clutch: review @ myer

Not sure what I'm doing this weekend. It's the boy's bucks weekend so I'm home alone. I might drive down to Brissy to go shopping with my twinnie if the weather isn't too bad but if it is I'll stay in Toowoomba and do my regular Saturday thang - op shops, garage sales, shops and maybe a movie or two.

What are you up to? Have a great weekend.



pip a la chic said...

Bows are so cute and just had the extra touch to an outfit. Your bag is adorable. I'm in Thailand for my hens!! I haven't blogged in a month. Today is the third day and we're having a alcohol free day already. So I'm catching up on blogs. Hope your well xxx

Michelle's Style File said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! You are the winner of my $150 voucher giveaway sponsored by I have just sent you an email : )


green tea and red nails said...

love the bows!! good luck for last minute wedding planning :) i hope you have a beautiful day! cant wait to see photos!!

Kel x