Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 177.

 p 1119

p 1120p 1121

p 1118

 p 1123
top: purr @ myer
pants: tommy hilfiger @ vinnies ($4.00)
wedges: hot options @ vinnies
bangle: diva

Today's outfit totally reminds me of the oh-so-typical baby colours - totally baby pink and blue. I put these items together really quickly and thought I didn't like the outcome but actually don't mind it.

I realised I'm going to have to go full-steam-ahead on the challenges I have left. Even though we are only in early-mid October I don't have that many days left at work so expect to see challenges galore in the coming weeks.

24 days till the wedding!

Over and Out



Erica Louise said...

Love your pony tee! Your outfit is so fresh and summery

Louise said...

Love those pants! xx

danielle said...

Great outfit- love it!