Monday, September 19, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 161.

Hello readers from a worn out young lady. What a busy weekend it was!

I have to thank everyone that came and helped out at my polishing/washing day. It was a major success and wow, can I totally vouch for the silvo product. I thought I had taken before and after photos of the mountains of cutlery requiring polishing and the piles and piles of dishes needing a wash but apparently I didn't. Sorry guys! A big shout out to Kerri, Georgie and Mellie - the main crockery team and to everyone else for muscling up  and polishing some very distressed cutlery!

The everyone else deserves to be named for all their hard work ... mum, grandma, rose, lisa, ness, batty, anna, theresa, leigh, angela, marty and rianna. I can't thank everyone enough!

DSC04393 DSC04392

here are some shots from the day.


and for today's outfit - super nanna-eee but cute all the same. I certainly got a few stares when I went to Coles before work this morning but oh well.



DSC04410  DSC04412

dress: vintage dolina
belt: stella mccartney @ target
flats: novo
sunnies: valleygirl

Today's temperature is 28 degrees. You seriously don't know how happy this makes me! More summer outfits to follow - and a challenge to tackle this week!

Over and Out


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kalgm4 said...

We had great fun washing dishes, it was a good way to get all the work done and enjoy it at the same time. :o) all your crockery is so nice & pretty but there's a couple of particularly fabulous pieces, can't wait to see it all come together.