Thursday, September 8, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 154.

So I have a bit of a question for you readers today to ponder ... It's a tricky one and I'd love to hear your suggestions.

So it's something we've been tossing about the office ... if you are in your late 30s and have been seeing a guy for around the six month mark, what do you call him? It seems a bit juvenile to call him your boyfriend but not long enough to call him your partner. Anyone been in this predicament before?





DSC04252  Wearing:
dress: vintage
belt: kmart
wedges: asos

Yay, it's Friday tomorrow! Busy weekend ahead getting our invitations ready to be sent out!

Over and Out



Vintage Sweetheart said...

That dress is divine! If they see each other quite often I'd say partner maybe I don't know your right it is tricky.

E :)

Poptartlr said...

I call my guy my 'partner', but this caused confusion with my american friends when I went to visit recently - apparently they had all thought I was a lesbian. Which would be hilarious because my partner's name is Darren (no possible way that is a girl's name!)

kalgm4 said...

Love this dress on you, shows off your smokin' figure... :o) also love it's bright spring colours, making a big statement to the weather to warm up and stay that way!!

Ness said...

Love the dress, I wanna borrow!

danielle said...

Gorgeous dress!!
I'd probably say partner, or to be really tacky 'other half'.
By the way, I think you need to tackle one of your outfit challenges soon! I'm thinking Alice in wonderland suits Spring? :)

Erica Louise said...

Good gracious, what a lovely dress! I love it, seriously. It suits you so much too, the colour and the fit.

In answer to your question, as the others say 'partner' is the way to go I think?

Kat said...

I would say partner probably. But in saying that I still call Corey my boyfriend. It's feels weird saying fiance.

Nelly said...

I must have missed this post I love that dress/colour on you/