Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 152.

Hey all. I'm back on board and feeling much better today after getting home and wasting most of the day away yesterday sleeping.

Today I'm wearing a one hundred percent thrifted outfit and I am quite partial to it.

Sorry I havne't got too much exciting to talk about. The only real thing on my brain at the moment is the wedding. Only eight weekends till the big day. They are going to fly by for sure. I'm just hoping everything is organised!

DSC04207      DSC04213  DSC04215   DSC04218    DSC04222

jacket: zara
belt: from this vintage dress
beads: vintage @ vinnies
wedges: target hot options @ vinnies
dress: vintage
sunnies: vintage @ vinnies

till tomorrow, over and out



Ness said...

Cute outfit, reminds me to pull out that gorgeous black dress I got at the op shop up the coast for $2 and wear it in summer!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Glad your feeling better! 8 weeks how exciting. I love that green jacket a great pop of colour.

E :)

Nelly said...

That green is lovely on you glad your better.

Kat said...

8 weekends, wow! That means its only 9 weekends left till my wedding day. Scary! I hope I have everything organised. I better start rechecking my lists. Hope all is going well with your plans.

Heather, 29 Skirts said...

Oh, this is super cute, and I especially love the accessories! What an awesome beaded necklace and patterned belt. I love finding orphaned printed belts from dresses in thrift stores (or even better, vintage dresses with belts that I can remove and wear with other things).

kalgm4 said...

Great outfit, the green is great on you with your dark hair!