Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 148.

Last day to enter my giveaway!!

hey all. How are we this fine LAST DAY OF WINTER?! I am fine and dandy and am cheering that tomorrow marks the first day of spring (and mum's birthday) and the terrifying countdown to the big day!

No real thoughts went in to today's outfit. Plain, simple and boring but I did want to wear my fave ralphy jumper before the end of winter.

keep your eyes open silly ... hilarious!

DSC04155 DSC04157

DSC04158 DSC04159

jumper: ralph lauren via ebay
top underneath: jag @ vinnies
pants: events @ garage sale
heels: diana ferrari @ vinnies

and for anyone that cares here are my sneakers drying in the sun at work. I chucked them in the washing machine last night as they were a bit poo-eeee and now, good as new! Aren't they perty?


Over and Out



christie said...

Woo Hoo last day of winter!! Excitement! And you dont look boring at all - your outfit is simple, classy and comfy - perfect for a chic work look!

Your sneakers look new!! I washed a pair of flats today in the wash - I was so worried I would totally wreck them, but to my suprise they came out nice and clean! woo

Nelly said...

Hip hip horray for spring.