Monday, August 15, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 137.

I'm wearing one of my all time favourite purchases today but more importantly I'm wearing red today for Daniel Morcombe. For those of you who aren't aware, he was abducted nearly 8 years ago here in Queensland and on Saturday they arrested a man for his murder. They are yet to find his body but I am hoping and praying that they do so his parents and his twin can finally lay him to rest. His family requested that people were red today to celebrate his life ... and it's the least I could do.

p 1022p 1018
p 1019p 1031
p 1029 p 1028
p 1027p 1026
dress: finders keepers @ apple tree boutique
cardi: jacqui e @ lifeline
flats: pulp @ lifeline
earrings: market (20c!)

post coming later today to show you all my treasured goodies collected over the last couple of weeks.



aelie said...

That's a stunning dress, I love the back!

So sad about Daniel :(

Kat said...

Gorgeous dress! I hope they find his body too. It would be nice for his family to finally have some closure.