Friday, April 8, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 62 and Compliments.

I've never been the most gracious person when someone pays me a compliment. I always tend to reply with a negative comment instead of accepting the kind words. Yesterday however I was overjoyed to receive super nice comments about my outfit while shopping downtown. First of all the chick in Equip randomly said 'oh my god, I love your outfit' then the super stylish girl in Portmans told me that she LOVED my skirt. She oooh and ahhhd over it and then said 'i hope you paid a lot for that skirt' ... I replied 'it was $4 at Vinnies'. Ah the satisfaction! Those two lovely ladies made my day : )

Today I'm wearing a peach coloured chiffon dress I picked up at Vinnies a couple of weeks ago. It looks totally vintage but from looking at the tag it actually is a cheap asian dress. What makes me even more convinced that it is from an asian style store is that it's a size XL!

p 504

p 501 p 505

p 500Wearing: dress - Vinnies, shoes - Lily Rose (Vinnies $3.00), bangle - vintage, Ray Bans

Keen to do some bargain hunting this weekend. Have fun doing whatever you are doing.

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kalgm4 said...

this dress was awesome and the colour suited you very well.

nais said...

i covert your dress. peaches and many other oranges are my weakness!