Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 60.

Nothing exciting happening today and my outfit is unexciting but IS appropriate for riding my bike - no undie flashes today. There may have been some bum crack though. Once I got to work my quads were on FIRE - I'm not really 'bike fit' it seems. Riding into the wind in winter could be a challenge that I may never attempt as the wind atm is more than enough. I'm doing a spin class tomorrow morning at 6am - that could be interesting to say the least!

I'm not much of a 3/4 jeans girl but I think I got a bit excited when they fit me great and are a size 10! Being Country Road though I think their sizing is a little bit generous. Once again I'm wearing one of my all time fave Lifeline purchases - my lace & frills metalicus top.

p 421

p 420

p 418Wearing: top - Metalicus @ Lifeline, jeans - Country Road @ Vinnies, belt - Levis @ Myer, thongs - Havaianas

Might do another outfit challenge tomorrow. Till then,

Over and Out



pip a la chic said...

Cute top! Love the lace. I'm trying to get my bum into gear and exercise. I exercised Monday night and I'm still sore :(

Angela said...

OMG! Where is that bike from? I neeeeeeed it!!