Monday, December 6, 2010

Hoi An

Hoi An was the place I was most excited to visit in Vietnam with promises from multiple tailor shops claiming they can make an exact copy of basically anything you want. I had pictures and pictures from magazines and the internet and was so totally excited to grab a steal.

So, what did I think of the whole process?


I had completed what felt like hours of reading to find the best information and best tailors. Maybe my expectations were too high but my expectations were not met at all. I had about 5 things made costing in excess of probably $400 and was only mildly happy with one or two of the items. I had a Karen Walker jumpsuit/romper copied and it probably turned out the best but did cost close to $100AUD and took the seamstress hours - we were there at 10pm at night, the night before we left waiting for her to finish it. I didn't even get to try the final finished product on as they were rushing us out the door and had already packaged it up! I think what I was most disappointed in was they assured me that they could make an exact copy - and silly me, I believed them. But oh well, you live and learn.
When the weather gets a bit nicer I'll take some pics of me wearing the clothes and you can tell me what you think ...

While we are in Hoi An we also did a few touristy things. One thing that SO isn't worth it is the walking tour. Basically you visit 3 or 4 local 'attractions' but really what is boils down to is visiting old houses where the nieces, nephews, sons and daughters are there to sell you all of their handi-crap.

 The boy looking oh so excited!

I'd say the highlights of our time in Hoi An were:

* cute architecture

p 271
* lunches and dinners at local and touristy restaurants and cafes

* $35 prescription glasses ready in 3 hoursp 283 
* modern engineering

p 276

* drinks and pool with some great tour buddies
* and last but not least, a hotel WITH A POOL!

Till next post, OVER and OUT


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