Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Our overnight train journey from Nha Trang took us to Central Vietnam's largest city, Danang. As mentioned in my last travel post the train journey had gifted me with a somewhat unpleasant hangover + a good dose of light-headed-ness, nausea and runny/blocked nose. YES, it is possible to have a runny and blocked nose at the same time.

Anyway, it was a 45 minute drive from Danang to our actual destination Hoi An, and on the way our tour stopped at a place half way between the two cities at the infamous China Beach. It was gorgeous, and a perfect day to have a dip in the ocean.

We also visited Marble Mountain which was stunning once we had climbed up the gruelling 200+ steps to the top. Way more gruelling than it would have been without the aforementioned hangover, dizziness,  nausea and nose issues. In this precinct we also visited a STUNNING natural cave and saw actual gun shot holes from the Vietnam War.

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We also had an awesome lunch at a little Homestay place - I wish we actually got to stay there! After a couple of hours lazing about in the sun we drove the last 20 or so minutes into Hoi An - the city I was MOST excited to visit. It claims to be a shopper's paradise. My next travel post will deliver the verdict ... until then,



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